CCDS Digitalization Solutions

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Our development studio have deployed  a comprehensive range of supportive software solutions serving  a wide range of businesses across different verticals from Healthcare, Education and Enterprise. Our caliber of professional team is aiming to address today’s  complex issues and streamline processes helping business worry less and achieve more.

CCDS Digitalization Solutions

  • LYZER AI Solution
  • Advanced AI solution supporting the latest technologies of machine learning, deep learning which can be applied to the following use cases and more.
  • Managed CCTV cameras
  • (Store Frames, Record Video Stream, Retention Tracking, Downtime/Restart notifications)
  • Smart Analytical Dashboard
  • (Managed KPIs for processed frames that can be reported weekly, monthly, yearly).
  • License Plate Recognition
  • (Detect cars plates for the company parking lot, that can be utilized to check-in employees' cars and track their current location within the facility)
  • Gesture and Motion Tracking
  • (Detect suspicious behavior that is occurring within the facility, and report in real-time to management personnel)
  • Enforce Infection Control Regulation Detection
  • (Ability to detect and enforce regulations on personnel who are not wearing face masks, not complying with social distancing, and other applied regulations)
  • E-Meetings Management Solution
  • Female identity Verification Solution

Female identity management supporting Portable devices

  • Blood Management System

All-in-One Blood Transfusion Management System The right way to manage the process.

  • Correspondence & ECM Solution
Hundreds of documents Centralized remotely
  • Administrative Development Solution

Performance improvements Throughout the organization.

  • Time Attendance Solution
Manage employees attendance with high Productivity
  • Smart Research

Scientific Research process integrated in one Smart solution

  • Student Funds Solution

All the student funds are handled from one Integrated Solution

  • Promotions Management Solution

Managed promotion services for Staff Members within the university

  • Unified Access Control

Central management solution for entire Access Control

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