CCDS Security Awareness Program

Empowers your people to defend your organization.

CCDS’s training courses aim to encourage business directors and leaders to take a serious approach to cyber security to protect the business, its stakeholders and assets from the effects of a breach. Our strategy for implementing cyber awareness is based on a simple strategy: ‘tone from the top, message from the middle’. This means to set the scene within the upper ranks of management, allowing them to use their department heads to distribute awareness throughout their teams. In addition to the below courses we can also help you or your organization develop a training course tailored to your specific needs.

Effective Cyber Security Awareness Training

Empower your employees with Security Awareness Training, program transforms your employees into your best defense against cyber threats: Your employees will be talking about our stories, applying their knowledge to protect themselves and your organization. Everyone will quickly fall in love with our characters and soon be looking forward to the next security awareness episode to release.

Security Awareness modules cover key training required by every employee at every level of an organization including:

• You are the Shield
• Social Engineering
• Email and Phishing
• Browsing Safely
• Social Networks
• Mobile Devices
• Passwords
• Data Security
• Hacked
• Conclusion/Summary
• Data Protection and Destruction
• Encryption
• Working Remotely
• Insider Threat
• Help Desk
• IT Staff
• Physical Security
• Senior Leadership
• Targeted Attacks
• Cloud Services

Course Features

  • Executive level understanding of cyber security in an organization.
  • Improved understanding of how it affects executive decision making.
  • Effective executive involvement in the ‘Respond’ phase.
  • Effective executive involvement in the ‘Recover’ phase.
  • Understanding supply chain assurance.
  • Understanding how to optimize security organization governance.
  • Security Risk Management Fundamentals
  • Modelling the Business Assets & Syndicate Exercise
  • Threat Sources & Syndicate Exercise
  • Foci of Interest, Threat Actors & Syndicate Exercise
  • Risk Assessment – Identifying the Risks & Syndicate Exercise
  • Prioritized Risk List
  • Risk Register & Risk Treatment Plan
  • Implementation and Assurance Plan
  • Residual Risk Management

Course Benefits

  • Institutionalizes positive security.
  • Helps aid cost control through having a risk-based security culture.
  • Understanding of risks resulting from strategic technical direction.
  • Understanding of what makes security a constraint or an enabler.
  • Information Risk Management gives you full visibility
  • Understanding and managing your technical risks brings peace of mind
  • Gain the visibility and confidence to make better business decisions
  • Reduce costs through more efficient controls
  • Reduce costs through more effective architectures
  • Reduce costs through appropriate levels of protection.